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Terms of use

MizzFilipina.com is a dating platform where users get to create their own preferred online profiles which they can use to search for and connect with both new and current friends. These terms of use drive MizzFilipina.com’s principles and govern our relationship with you as a user and other people who interact with the platform. Therefore, by using or accessing MizzFilipina.com’s service, you agree to these terms of service. So, you are requested to read these terms of use before you accept them during the Registration process.

These terms clearly outline the how your usage of MizzFilipina.com service and the platform itself are bound together legally. You should also note that these terms are updated from time to time and those update will be effective for the time they are officially listed on MizzFilipina.com’s official website. By using the services, we offer you would have agreed to be bound to any of the updates to this term whenever they are listed on the website.  These terms of use entail your rights as a user, MizzFilipina.com’s Privacy Policy, your obligations and restrictions as a user and the policy that drives usage and content posting.

As a MizzFilipina.com user, you are advised to critically think and decide on the kind of content or information you are to post on the platform for other users to view. You are restricted to which kind of content you are to post on MizzFilipina.com i.e. any picture that you post should not contain any form of violence, nudity, and any offensive subject that may be against other users’ rights. Also, other MizzFilipina.com users may post information i.e. profile post that may be offensive, inaccurate or inappropriate content, services or products and in this case MizzFilipina.com take neither liabilities nor responsibility for such content.

MizzFilipina.com reserves the right, in its sole circumspection, to reject, deny or refuse to publish or revoke any posting done by a user such as email or even to suspend, restrict, terminate or deny users access to any section or parts of the MizzFilipina.com platform or the services it offers at any given time, with or without any reason or with or without prior notification to a user and without liability.

MizzFilipina.com doesn’t indulge in any kind of vetting or screening of user profiles or even recommending or matching users with each other and for this reason, MizzFilipina.com is not a matchmaking agency. MizzFilipina.com, therefore, doesn’t do any background checks on any its users or give any guarantee that the information on a user’s profile is fully accurate and legit. For this reason, when you use this platform and its services, you fully accept and agree to take full responsibility for any action or activity you as a user decide to engage in when you are in the process of meeting anyone via MizzFilipina.com.

On top of that, if you choose to take part in any of the MizzFilipina.com offline events and activities you accept and agree that you release and do not hold MizzFilipina.com responsible for any form of losses, damages, violation of user rights, claims and any action that has no limitation, personal injuries, property damages or any loss of life that may occur either directly or indirectly due to your participation in any kind of offline MizzFilipina.com activities or events.

  • User Interactions

Every MizzFilipina.com user is fully responsible for any of his or her own interactions, communication, and connection with other users of the platform. Above you are clearly told that MizzFilipina.com doesn’t do any background check or screening of its users’ profile information or even to any vetting or verification of user statements and posts. Also, MizzFilipina.com doesn’t do any matchmaking of users to determine whether they are compatible hence doesn’t guarantee any proper matches between present or even future users. Therefore, we advise all our users that whenever they make the decision to connect with and exchange their credentials with other users on the MizzFilipina.com platform to take the responsibility of doing their own background checks on the intended user. As a MizzFilipina.com user, you should always keep in mind that MizzFilipina.com is not responsible for any issues, problems, and damages that may come about from the relations, connections of any users through MizzFilipina.com such as emotional distress, personal injuries or any kind of damage that may arise from the meetings or connections with other users of this platform or any person you have met from the services offered by the platform. These damages may be direct, indirect, special, general consequential, incidental or even compensatory.

  • Eligibility

MizzFilipina.com prohibits void usage. When you use the MizzFilipina.com platform and the services it has to offer, you fully confirm and give the guarantee that the information you have used during your registration process is accurate and very true and you, therefore, enter into an agreement that you will maintain this accuracy and truthfulness. On top of that, you fully comply that you have of 18 years or older and that your usage of the series offered by MizzFilipina.com will not in any way violate any law and regulation that is applicable in such context. In case you are found to be of an age lower than 18 years your profile is viable to deletion without any notice or warning. Also, you are advised that your profile is only for personal use and you should not authorize anyone to use your personal account in terms of profile or email address. All the content you post, display and publish on your account is your full responsibility this entail all interactions between you and other users or even other forms of communications like email messaging.

  • Terms and fees

These terms of use are effective at any time you are using the MizzFilipina.com platform, its services and whenever you remain an active user. You have the right to delete your user account whenever you feel like. On the other hand, MizzFilipina.com does not have the right to delete or remove your user account for any reason whatsoever without notifying you as a user. When you decide to use the services offered by this platform and create your user account, you assure MizzFilipina.com that you have given it the right to charge you for any service offered and that it also have the right to discontinue your membership in case you breach these terms of use or even do not pay for the services offer as per the terms of use.

  • Non-Commercial Use by users

MizzFilipina.com is specifically for personal use by the registered members of the platform, therefore, no person is allowed to use the MizzFilipina.com platform for commercial purposes, however, this can only happen if and only if there is an authorization by the MizzFilipina.com management team. Unauthorized or illegal usage of MizzFilipina.com - like a collection of either usernames or email or both by either electronic or any other means available with an aim of sending users inappropriate emails or illegal framing of or linking to the platform will be thoroughly investigated. Posts involving commercial advertisements, affiliate links and any other kind of solicitation may be removed from a user’s profile and this may lead to the provocation of a user’s rights and privileges. MizzFilipina.com has the right to take any legal action against any kind of illegal or unauthorized usage of the platform.

  • Proprietary rights involving contents on MizzFilipina.com

All Proprietary Rights in the platform and services are owned and retained by MizzFilipina.com. MizzFilipina.com’s website has got copyright information, trademarks, and other proprietary materials and information that are fully related to the platform and those that licenses it. You as a user is not allowed to copy, change, republish, transmit, display, sell, distribute or perform on any proprietary material and information with an exception of the information that is made public through the domain or that users are given permissions to.

  • User Content

By agreeing to these terms and registering to the MizzFilipina.com you confirm that the platform managers have the right to screen and delete any content, messages, photo or profiles that they judge to be a violation of these terms of user and agreement or to be illegal, offensive, violate the rights, harm or even threaten the safety of other users.

You are also fully responsible for the kind of content you post, display or publish on the platform and other materials and information that you pass to other users of the platform.

whenever you post contents on the platform for public view, you give MizzFilipina.com the full non-exclusive, non-paid, and license to use, or publicly perform on or display these contents. You may revoke this license whenever you remove these contents from the platform or notify the MizzFilipina.com via email.

below is the listing of all the contents that are considered illegal or prohibited on the platform. And MizzFilipina.com has the right to do its own investigations and take an appropriate legal action as per their choosing against any user who violates this agreement and listing, this may also involve them removing the offensive piece of information from the platform and terminating the user’s membership, without any limitation. The prohibited contents are contents that:

  • Harass or shows harassment of other users

  • Are seen to be patently offensive and to promote racism, hatred, bigotry or cause any kind of physical harm to any user.

  • Entail transmission of “chain letters”, “junk mail” or unauthorized mass mailing or “spamming”.

  • Promote false or misleading information or promote any form of illegal activities or other misconducts that are abusive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, or obscene.

  • Promote plagiarism and piracy like issuing pirated software and music or even links to these software and music, or issuing information to bypass developer-installed copy-protect devices.

  • Contain a password or restricted that allows other users to access pages or hidden pages or pictures.

  • Issue materials that show exploitation of those under 18 years of age in a sexual or violent way, or unauthorized access to private information from them.

  • Provide instructions on how to conduct illegal activities like buying or making illegal weapons, violating people’s privacy or transmitting or creating computer viruses.

  • Request for passwords or private identity credentials from other members for commercial or illegal use.

  • Involve any commercial activity such as advertising, contest, barter, pyramid schemes, or sweepstakes, without any prior consent from MizzFilipina.com in writing.

  • Your usage of MizzFilipina.com should be consistent with all laws and regulations. You are therefore advised not to advertise to or request any user to sell or purchase ay products or services via the platform. On top of that, you should not transmit any form of junk mail or chain letters to other users. Yes, MizzFilipina.com do not screen user conduct, but this is no excuse for you to acquire and use information from the platform to harass, harm or abuse other people for with the aim of contacting, advertising to, requesting, or even selling to other users without prior consent of MizzFilipina.com.To protect users from such misconducts, MizzFilipina.com has the right to restrict the number of emails members can send each other with a day, this number is solely decided on by MizzFilipina.com.  

  • You are not allowed to place or display any advertisement banner on your profile, or any other part of the website through HTML or any other way possible.

  • Data representing your usage of MizzFilipina.com platform is eligible of being shared by your payment company in case of a payment dispute.

  • Users are prohibited from any automated activity on the system i.e. trying to use scripts to get more friends.

  • You are not allowed to impersonate any member of the MizzFilipina.com platform.

  • A user is not allowed to use the username, account or password of another user or provide his or her password to other users or even allow other users to use their accounts.

  • No user should sell or transfer his or her profile to another.

    • Copyright Policy

    As a member, you are not permitted to dispense or remake any material that is trademarked or has copyright ownership without the written permission from the owners of these materials. It is https://www.mizzfilipina.com/ policy to terminate any person's membership who constantly breaks the infringement laws as soon as the authority is informed by the owner of the material.

    If you think that your material has been posted on this website that violets the copyright laws, you may get in touch with our copyright agents.

    You will need to provide all the information mentioned below:

  • An physical or electrical signature of the individual who may act in support of the copyright owner or in that person's interest
  • A report stating where exactly the material can be seen on the website
  • Your email, home address and telephone number.
  • A letter stating that the material was used without the owner's permission, the law or its agent.
  • A statement that the information provided by you is true and you are the owner of the material or acting as an agent on the owner's behalf.
  • A https://www.mizzfilipina.com/ Copyright Agent can be contacted through email for any claims that you would like to submit.

    • User Disputes

    Every user is fully responsible for his or her interactions with other users on the platform. therefore, MizzFilipina.com has no responsibility in solving disputes among its users.

    • Disclaimer

    MizzFilipina.com has no responsibility to ensure that the information posted by users, or other devices on the platform is correct or incorrect. The platform is not also responsible for user conducts either offline or online. The platform also not responsible for any form of emission, error, deletion, interception, delaying, the defection of any operation and transmission, failure of the communication line, theft of, destruction of or illegal access to user communications. MizzFilipina.com is not responsible for any issues or any technical or software malfunction that may interrupt user communications and even cause personal injuries or damages to user property. MizzFilipina.com is also not responsible for any damages or losses that may result from the usage of the platform.MizzFilipina is provided “AS-IS” and therefore the platform has the right to disclaim any warranty of for a specific reason or non-infringement. MizzFilipina.com doesn’t assure or promise its users any special results that may arise from their usage of the platform.  

    • Limitations on Liability

    Whenever you are using MizzFilipina.com you should have it in mind that the platform is not liable to users  or other individuals do any direct or indirect, exemplary, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages that entail any loss of profit, even in a case where the platform itself has cautioned you on the possibilities of them happening. When you make payment for the services on this platform during your time as a user, MizzFilipina.com will be liable to you for any damages no matter the action that causes them.

    • Disputes

    In the case of a dispute between the user and the platform, you has a user agrees that the solutions to the dispute will be under the laws of the country where MizzFilipina.com is based. And that you agree to the laws and jurisdiction of where MizzFilipina.com is based.

    • Indemnity

    By using this platform you agree to indemnify and hold MizzFilipina.com and all its subsidiaries not responsible for any loss, claim, demand or liability such as attorney fees, that may result from any third party due to your usage of the platform in violation or breaching of these terms and agreement.

    • Other

    These Terms of use are accepted on registration to the platform and is maintained during your time as a member of the platform. This Agreement binds you and MizzFilipina.com. MizzFilipina.com’s failure to practice any right or provision of these terms of use is not an excuse of you breaching or violating them. The titles of these terms of use are only for explanatory purposes and do not have any effect legally or contractually. You should contact our personnel in case of any query related to these terms of use. MizzFilipina.com is the trademark of our product and service.

    • Data Security

    MizzFilipina.com is neither liable for any loss of personal data nor have the responsibility to backup any of your personal data like images, text or video. MizzFilipina.com does not guarantee its user that their personal data will be safe and secure as they might be leaked through server issues or personal ignorance.




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