Filipina Ladyboy Dating

An Overview of what you should know when dating a Filipina Ladyboy which includes but is not limited to the reason as to why there is discrimination for ladyboys in the Philippines, how they fight the discrimination and how this impacts them, tips in dating a lady boy and why should you opt to date one.


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Introduction: Into their World


A world where love is the only thing that is a deciding factor for a relationship is what most of us want today. In an age such as what we are living in, gender preferences as well as sexual orientation has branched a lot of roads for humans to walk in that an intimate relationship between a male and a female seems to be so archaic and primitive? This could be because of the reason that there are a lot of people out there with genders outside of what we have been acquainted with for as far back as we can remember. But despite of this, the LGBTQ or the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Community are still suffering from the dogma of those who are greatly influenced by their religious beliefs and are of firm conviction that a man is for a woman and that there is no other combination whatsoever, making it difficult for a Filipina Ladyboy dating.

This is especially true in a country such as the Philippines, where traces of their Spanish colonization that brought them out of paganism and into Christianity are still very evident in their present fashion of living, ways of worship and culture. This has made our LGBTQ friends finding it quite difficult to get a fish in and they have somehow maneuvered into the modern way of communication to search for someone who they can have fun with, and that is through the internet. In this article, we will put into light how it is to have a Filipina Ladyboy Dating, why should you, some experiences of others who have dated them, their general appearances or how most of them look and at the same time what makes them different and similar to real girls.


Characteristics: Trust me, looks can be deceiving


Not up until recently, we have automatically considered everyone we see here in the Philippines with long, lush, healthy hair, big, protruding breasts, and creamy white skin to be women but this has changed since the coming of ladyboys, or female transgender and we suddenly found ourselves scratching our eyes and looking even closer just to make sure. When it comes to beauty and physical appearance, though not as close as their counterparts in neighboring countries in Asia such as Thailand, where transgender operations are said to be of top quality in the world, the Filipina ladyboys still manage to be as stunning and as gorgeous as most of the average or even above average-looking women in the normal society.


who would guess she is a filipina ladyboy


On first glance, they almost look, walk, and dress like the lovely and fashionable lady that any man would dream of. Until you look just a little bit closer. Or until they talk to you with the manly voice that they can never hideaway despite of all the pills that they took and the surgeries that they've undergone just to be a little bit more feminine. Or some of them even dress just a bit more overly than a normal girl and that would give you a hint that this could not be a natural and real girl as their make-up was perhaps done just too artistically that it is somehow close to that of a clown's. So you see, most of the Filipina ladyboys sometimes put things on themselves just too much that it is taken against them and could even be made something to identify them with from the real ones. But that isn’t always a bad thing, or is it?


So why should you date one?


As they would say it in Filipino, these ladyboys have "pusong babae" or in English, has a female heart. Despite their near-to-obvious appearance, they can make up for that with their wit and humor that makes a conversation goes on and on before you know it and keeps you entertained even just through simple chat and texts, so how much more if you're face to face, right? Not only do they dress more overly than the real girls, but they also feel more overly than they do. They are more emotional and can therefore love and care for someone more passionately than most women, and they never do that discreetly as well (of course, unless you tell them not to), they are proud of who they are and are not ashamed to show the world who they love.


Tips when dating a Filipina Ladyboy


As mentioned before, these ladyboys feel more extremely emotional than normal girls, so even the slightest sweet word that you send or say to them would mean so much. They also get so easily attached to a person that they keep talking or chatting with, so if you want to date one, you simply just have to be yourself, keep the sweet words rolling and they'll be in your claws in no time at all. Some other tips can be found elsewhere in the internet, though. For example, here: https://myladyboycupid.com/blog/dating-tips-for-ladyboy-dating/


What are they looking for, specifically?


-While not all of them look for guys who have 'the face', but most of them definitely do, especially foreigners. Let's not deny the fact that they may not be generally accepted in the Philippines, but they also yearn to have a handsome face for a husband or a boyfriend, just like what their ladyboys sisters have. And some of them also don’t look for serious relationships but just for a few hook-ups or men to have fun with, which could also attract men who want the same. But after all, they just want someone who is open-minded enough to accept them for who they are, and perhaps something could start from there.


Final words


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Filipina Ladyboy Dating could be a complex process as they often come from situations where they are being maltreated for who they are, but love them once and they will never fail to love you as well, in return.

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